Netherhall GardensCarl Patrick

About the Author

Carl Patrick was born in Oxford. He has been writing fiction since he was at school and wrote his first novel at the age of 15 about the rape of a fellow pupil. Whilst at University, he began to write a Science Fiction trilogy, which is yet to be finished. In the meantime, he has written a number of erotic short stories with Netherhall Gardens being his first contemporary gay novel.

Carl lives in Brighton. He enjoys great sex, travel, reading, music, cooking and entertaining friends. He admits however that, apart from sex, the best fun he has is writing, which he is forced to do in his spare time after running his own small business, going to the gym, reading, listening to music and travelling to his favourite places such as San Francisco, Provincetown, Amsterdam and anywhere in Spain.

He is currently working on the third Netherhall Gardens novel, which is due out in June 2013. The second book in the series, Netherhall Gardens & Beyond, is available now.

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