Netherhall GardensCarl Patrick


Book 3: Netherhall Gardens Full Circle - available in paperback and ebook formats towards the end of July 2013! See competition details on the Home page.

Book 2: Netherhall Gardens & Beyond - available now!

With the characters still reeling from recent events in Book 1, the plot deepens as the story extends beyond Netherhall Gardens to Brighton and Amsterdam.

For Mark, the handsome young trainee accountant with a lust for adventure, greater thrills and a natural ability to attract trouble, life will never be the same again. Now sexually liberated and with a host of friends and playmates vying for his attention and affections, Mark has a tough choice to make. But then someone new enters his life, determined to steal his heart, mind and body - by force if necessary.

Stella has broken off all ties to her philandering boyfriend Hugh. With her life in tatters, she finds comfort from unexpected sources when her mother reveals the true extent of her lottery win and Stella invites a surprising new man into her bed.

Boisterous Laura finds liberation from an unexpected source when her family’s covert past is revealed. But it falls to big-hearted leather-loving cop Steve to try and save her from her own blundering mistakes first. Steve though, still smitten with Mark, must swallow his pride and befriend his arch-rival, Hugh, if he is to have further contact with the man he desires.

And finally discover who really owns Netherhall and why all of its residents receive identical letters from the same source on the same day.

Netherhall Gardens and Beyond is a sexy, dark romp that includes most of the old favourite characters from Book One, plus a fiery mix of new ones, building to another thrilling climax. But, will anyone be on hand this time to save Mark as events spiral out of control…?

Available now.

ISBN 978-1906510-633 | Cover design by Al Knight | Published by Troubador Publishers