Netherhall GardensCarl Patrick

Netherhall Gardens

A novel by Carl Patrick
ISBN 978-1906510-633 £9.99

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Readers' Comments

Sex, drugs and kinky murder are always a powerful mix and Carl Patrick sprinkles sex of every persuasion throughout the fast-moving plot. Part sexy rom-com romp, part homage to Tales of the City, these tales of numerous characters take place across London, from dinner parties to dungeons. For a debut novel this is remarkably assured, great fun to read and we’re already waiting for the sequel. The Pink Paper **** (4 stars)

... The book hooked me in from the first page and I was reluctant to put it down, eager to find out how each twist would end, which was usually in a humorous way. There’s plenty of sex, ranging from hetero and bisexual, to gay sex in leathers using harnesses, all of which has been written well with constant references to practising safe sex that are most commendable! Great characters include Mark, who explores his new-found gayness, Steve the leather-loving policeman and Hugh, the bisexual who is divorcing one woman for another while having sex on the side with several men. I found the ending abrupt but, on reflection, I think this works well, because it avoided the typical happy ending and created a more realistic edge while leaving you wanting more. Overall, a fun and easy read to accompany your cocoa on those cold winter nights. Claire Rowe, GScene.

Riotous and heart-warming! I got this novel from Amazon two days ago and couldn't put it down. Racy, rude, very sexy and touching by turns. A Tales of the City for the 21st century? I hope so, it will be interesting to see how the characters develop from here - and I also hope we shall meet them all again, especially Steve! - but they all have great potential. And Carl's witty and hilarious description of the dinner party had me laughing out loud -, and vowing never to play True Confessions at such gatherings. A scene which is nicely juxtaposed with the previous almost-curtains-for-Mark episode. Looking forward to what I am sure will be a long and satisfying series. John in Vienna.

... The focus of the book moves back and forth following the stories of this eclectic group of characters in a way that is enjoyably fast-paced. Among the tumultuous and steamy encounters between them the author captures the inevitable confusion and messy emotional baggage which comes with people’s ever-evolving sexual identities. Mark’s speedy initiation into the erotic pleasures he’s been longing for is obviously just the beginning of a long journey which leaves the reader wondering what will happen to him next. Netherhall Gardens is an entertaining brisk read full of lively characters, darkly sexual encounters and lots of wild fun. Karl Barry, Chroma Journal.

As a young gay man I loved the book - it was this kind of story that made me want to move to London, minus the murders! A fantastic journey that involves the reader from beginning to end, the characters intertwine throughout the book creating a drama and the story skips along nicely. Very humorous and uplifting, but also has a dark and erotic side. A really enjoyable read. Tim F, London.

Hi Carl, I have just finished reading Netherall Gardens and NG and Beyond back to back and absolutely loved them. Its so rare to find 'gay' novels so well written with a great plot, fully rounded characters and a proper twist! When is the next book out? I cant wait! Thanks for making me leave work early over the last few days so that I could get home to the sofa and your books! Martin S, Folkestone

Hi Carl, I am reluctantly reading the last few pages of Netherhall Gardens and I am taking these ever so slowly. Why? Because I seriously don't want this book to end. Comparisons to the Tales of the City series are bound to flood in; I would take this as a huge compliment. As someone who, in all honesty, only ever finishes a book if the first few pages demand me to read on, I can say hand on heart, that I for one was at least as gripped, if not more drawn to this story, as I was to each one of Maupin's unforgettable series. I could easily have been reading about my own experiences of coming out, especially Mark's wonderful discovery of leather and all that this lifestyle entails, every horny and exciting addition introduced so beautifully by Steve, brought floods of the most fantastic memories back to me, forcing me to produce the widest smiles, over and over whilst I read. I will hesitate but finish the book over the coming weekend, but sincerely hope that it won't be too long before I can be enthralled yet again in the lives of the 'Netherhall lot'. Thank you for making my usually mundane journeys to and from work so much more exciting in the last week. I actually missed my stop twice (in all honestly), so engrossed was I in my book. Gerry F, London.

Hi Carl, I'm impressed by how gifted a writer you are. Netherhall Gardens has been a thrilling read. Don't want to repeat all the compliments you received, but brilliant how you breathed life into your characters and wonderful how you commented on the funny things that are done with words. Very profound. A truly great read, thanks for many enjoyable - and thrilling hours! Don Plückthun, Germany.

WELL I think you're the UK's answer to Armistead Maupin - how's that for a quote? And if I can get that in the Ham and High that would do you no harm at all. Mark Cook, London.

Cleverly written, with lots of dramas developing simultaneously. The reader will discover all of these dramas are binding together. It gradually builds on you that there is going to be a pretty dramatic finale.....You won’t be disappointed! Romance, sex, love, friendship, fickleness, awareness, development and discovery…..This book has it all in equal measure! Chris Pickles, Hove.

I started reading this book one morning last week and finished it the next morning - I couldn't put it down. The characters are so real and it made me feel great! I loved it. I just can't wait for the sequel. Hurry up please Carl! Sharon Glenfield, Abingdon.

Read over 100 pages a day and finished last night. Fab book - could not put it down. Terry D, London.

Loved the book. Great description of London. All the characters believable and I was interested in what happened to each. When is the next one? Jane O'Connor, London.

Written in a very Dan Brown(esque) style and format that works very well indeed... a gripping read with some wonderful full bodied characters. David Ansfield, London.

Hi Carl - finished reading your book last night. - great read! Perfect for me - easy, entertaining and sexy! I'm ready for the next instalment... So, hurry up! Have a great Pride. Mark Alexander, Brighton

Hey Carl. Am loving your book but only have 100 or so pages to go so am worried about getting withdrawal symptoms once I've read it. May I ask if Mark is slightly autobiographical? Geoff Kinch, Bristol.

An entertaining, sexy read. Did I mention I liked the sex scenes?! Paul, Huddersfield.

Hi Carl. Just wanted you to know I have finished the book and it was the best read for such a long time! The part where Otto kidnaps Mark was so nail biting I was on the train thinking oh my god oh my god! Loved the dinner party as well; loved it all really so when is book 2 out? Thanks again 4 a great read. Ray, London.

Well, what a surprise! I knew you had been scribbling away for years but had never realised how talented you are. I must admit I only bought Netherhall Gardens because you are such a special friend, and I wasn't expecting to enjoy reading it, but wow, every one of the 263 pages kept me wanting to know more about the characters and their antics, and I couldn't put the book down until I had reached the end, and even then I wanted more! You write so well that the characters came alive and I felt I knew them, and the story had so many unexpected twists and turns but no loose ends. Not being gay I hadn't expected to enjoy the 'naughty bits', but again you gave just the right amount of detail whilst leaving it to my imagination to run riot - brilliant! Well done, you're a star! Hurry up with the next one! Love, as ever, Roberta Pullen, Worthing.

One of the most creative books I have ever read - erotic and dark, yet written with a tongue-in-cheek light-hearted good humour that is both appealing and captivating. I absolutely loved it and can't wait for the sequel. Tony, Sydney, Australia.

Hi Carl, I really enjoyed reading Netherhall Gardens. The book was easy to read with frequent breaks, but allows you to get back into the story again quickly. I really did not like Jock... he needs to be killed off in the next book. I really did like Steve... please give him more to do in the second book. Please hurry up and finish book 2... Cheers, Guy Liebenberg, Hove.

Hey Carl ... so I finished the book. What a fun read: you've clearly got a talent for writing. And you weren't wrong about "modern day version of tales of the city". I got addicted to the story pretty quick and became inseparable from it for a few days this week. With all those descriptive detailed passages of horny leather sex, I found myself with quite the predicament down below at one stage on the tube ... I had to put it away and travel an extra stop before standing up, just to be safe! I was a bit peeved with your treatment of Stella though, to be honest. Even though most of us gay men lead our lives by what happens in our pants, I do think (or hope?) we'd all behave a little more caringly if we ended up in the same bizarre situation as any of those men. That one criticism aside, I loved it. When's the next one?! Neil, London.

Within a very few pages I found myself utterly engrossed in Netherhall Gardens and, as a result, I read from cover to cover at break neck speed to find out just what was going to happen next. I was entertained, thrilled, disgusted (if you've read it, you'll know what I am talking about) and utterly enthralled. I can't wait to see what happens in the next instalment, but something tells me it will be every bit as compelling. Thank you! - Julian Panico, Brighton.

I really enjoyed your book Carl. The characters were well develped and their lives were deftly interconnected with hot sex, humour, drama and suspense. I couldn't wait to see what happened next so it is a definite page turner. The dinner party at the end was fantastic. I can't wait for your next book. Cheers! Darryl M - Toronto, Canada.

A Fabulous Romp - Two weeks in the lives of the inhabitants of Netherhall Gardens. And the people they know. And the people they don't know their friends know, yet. Most of it comes out in the wonderfully crafted dinner party climax, but before that there's a serial killer to catch and lots of wild sex (gay and hetero)to be had. It's great fun, a bit shocking (if like me, you are not gay) but you don't want to let go, until all of the threads are unravelled. I really enjoyed it and I'm ready for the next installment. Keep it up, Carl. Tony Line, Canterbury, Kent.

Wonderful story, great fun, interesting setting, really enjoyed it, although shocked a little (ha ha tongue in cheek!) can't wait for the sequel - FANTASTIC. Glenda Critchell-Imms, Hove.

Hey Carl, I just finished "NG & Beyond" - couldn't put it down. You're really good, and I read a lot of fiction, especially gay fiction (William J. Mann; the gay vampire books by Michael Schiefelbein, etc...) but none of them compare to you! So finish that third book because I'm left hanging here wondering what happens next (i.e. does Dave really turn out to be a psychopath; can Mark, Steve, and Hugh sustain their 3-way relationship; what does Stella and Laura do with their money...etc, etc). It was a great read! Hope you're doing well. Jeff, Boston.

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